New Year and Newer Responsibilities

2021 was a roller-coaster. We all have experienced the impact of pandemic-in terms of physical and emotional well-being, economic injustices, gender disparities and more. Individuals, family units, businesses and Governments are prompted to be ever agile and resilient; and to shoulder the responsibility of birthing a new normal that is sustainable.

Sport has enormous power to contribute to sustainable development, social cohesion and even to challenge mindsets and prejudice. With this very belief, we continue to use our ‘sport for change’ platform in partnership with businesses, civil society and the state. Through this newsletter, we aim to inform you about the impact made by sport from our programs as well as around the globe, and enlist your support to further scale this transformation.


Sportz Village Foundation launches #Back2School Program - Using 'play' or ‘sport’ to accelerate transition of children back into schools

Recent Mckinsey research shows that the pandemic-related disruptions have hugely impacted both the academic (numeracy and language) and social-emotional learning of children across the globe – in addition to their physical health and fitness levels. As children join back in schools, schools will have to deal with bridging the learning gaps (of anywhere from 6 months to 12 months of ‘unfinished learning’) - in addition to major gaps in the physical and emotional health of children (based on recent Sportz Village Studies).

As a response, we have designed our #Back2School program to improve the physical, emotional and cognitive capacities of children by integrating ‘play/ physical activity’ into the existing learning environments. The program uses a hybrid model of delivery: Digital (remote learning) and Physical (in-person) modules - with the flexibility to switch between models based on the environment. This program is positioned as a complementary module to the existing learning enhancement programs (including community interface) designed by the school administrators/ state.

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Girl Empowerment

Empowering girls through sport

  • 30% of girls from marginalized communities have never been to school
  • 36.8% of girls are married off before turning 18
  • 47% of girls (15-19 years) have a BMI < 18.5 kg/m²

Every time a girl clears a hurdle or kicks a ball, unbeknownst to her, she takes a giant step towards breaking gender related stereotypes - in her own mind as well and that of others in her environment. It has been well-recognized that sport can be a force to amplify women's voices and tear down gender barriers, stereotypes and discrimination. Our ‘Sport for change’ platform engages young girls in sport and physical activity - and helps improve their educational developmental outcomes - enhancing their leadership and entrepreneurship/ livelihood

Sportz Village Foundation conducted a study to measure the extent to which sport can influence the promotion of women’s empowerment

This study focussed on evaluating the impact on Educational and Social Emotional Learnings (SEL) of girls participating in a sports education program (hybrid) during the outbreak.

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Leveraging the power of data: A leading health beverage brand studies social barriers for girls in adopting sport

Sportz Village Xp recently concluded a very unique and detailed study for a leading consumer brand to identify and validate the social barriers constraining girls from pursuing sport. This study would be used to prioritize the key issues for girls in sports, and align brand campaigns to address those issues through action, thus advocating the cause of sports for women. This is a great example of how brands can use data-led insights to further establish their positioning and advocacy.

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Are girls being made fun of for their lack of stregth or skill while joining a mixed team?


Powering the ‘Social’ Criteria of ‘Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)’ through Sport

In 2019, the Global Reporting Initiative revealed that 93% of the world’s largest companies by revenue already report on their ESG performance.

The compliance of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) goes beyond the realms of CSR or pure philanthropy, to a more holistically sustainable business approach using metrics that matter to investors and consumers alike in understanding a company’s social and internal governance practices. The fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic has given businesses a chance to reassess almost every aspect of their operations, intensifying the ESG compliance as a commitment to a ‘green’ recovery. ESG is going to play a critical role and will need to be fully embedded into an organisation’s decision-making.

Sport is a highly visible, and democratic tool that cuts across class, gender, ability. And we work with businesses to design and implement interventions for the causes they stand for - ranging from education, public health, women empowerment, youth leadership and excellence. And help them make and capture visible impact, whether it is employee engagement, diversity, gender, community development or women empowerment. We at Sportz Village Foundation thus help businesses to action their Social criteria within the ESG agenda through the constructs of CSR, sustainability, or social/cause marketing.

Action your company’s ESG agenda through SPORT - Explore NEWS:
Sportz Village Gets Recognition For Driving Social Change Through Play And Sports Education, Bags Two Awards At ESG India Awards 2021

Sportz Village Foundation launches ‘Sport for Change’ Dialogues

Sportz Village Foundation launched a unique platform called Sport for Change Dialogues to initiate dialogues with leaders from the development and sustainability space who are driving the change through sport. With ‘Sport for Change Dialogues’, we want to chronicle and socialize exemplary stories, best practices from the corporate ecosystem and civil society - that use the power of Sport to engage children and the youtah for societal transformation.

The inaugural episode featured Annie George, Sustainability Development Leader from Decathlon sharing insights on how Decathlon uses Sport for sustainability. The second episode had Neelam Babardesai, Head of Sports from Tata Trusts share her views on the need to broad-base sport beyond the narrow vision of excellence.

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Decathlon Foundation - where employees lead the CSR projects!

Decathlon is committed to make sport a vehicle for good health and social integration; and a large part of its CSR programs focused on sports education are driven by their employees. Decathlon Foundation partnered with Sportz Village Foundation to strengthen and scale their community outreach program. Under this partnership, Sportz Village conducted a study to assess the impact of Decathlon’s existing model of school-based community program and offered recommendations and resources to strengthen it with developmentally appropriate tools and training modules.

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LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: Nurturing Problem-Solvers of the Future

Sportz Village Foundation conducts a first-of-a-kind study that could have huge implications on teaching and learning of cognitive skills in schools. Especially in times - when schools are looking for ways to bridge the huge gaps in the foundational learning of children.

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With a vision to help children overcome the learning disabilities in numeracy and STEM subjects, Sportz Village Foundation launched a unique Pilot program to validate the role and effectiveness of play/sport in Computational Thinking (CT) Education. This is a step towards positioning ‘Learning Through Play’ not as a substitute, but as a foundational/bridge module for formal classroom-based STEM learning.

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Powering the ‘Social’ Criteria of ‘Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)’ through Sport

With the schools shut across the country, Sportz Village Foundation continued to engage children by offering a unique ‘play/ activity’ based remote learning environment. Sportz Village Foundation partnered with leading businesses such as Ambuja Cements, Bata India, Godrej Consumers, DXC Technologies, HCL Foundation, Cognizant Technology and Honda Motors to engage and support thousands of children across the country during the outbreak.

Leaderboard (Digital): For children with access to internet
The Sportz Village Leaderboard is a ‘gamified’ online web platform developed to get children to be physically active during the lockdown. The leaderboard assigned weekly fitness activities to children on sports skills, yoga, self-defense and health education. The leaderboard also incentivises the children to complete the activities through points tables and winner certificates.

Race Around India (Offline) - For children with no digital access
The Race Around India (RAI) program (uses offline/ gamified tools such as Workbooks) to get children active in their homes and communities even without digital access. The workbook contains information and trivia on different cities in India, along with activities tagged to each city. Progression and points are decided based on completion of activities in a city. The workbooks not only get kids active, but also impart general knowledge on the different regions of India. The program helped bridge the digital divide by engaging thousands of disadvantaged children through a highly engaging remote learning environment.


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