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Sports is Education

SMBM National Public School introduces an innovative learning methodology by combining sports and academics.

SMBM, National Public School, a renowned school in Tamil Nadu, worked with EduSports to introduce an innovative learning methodology by combining sports and academics. The program was developed for more than 350 children of grade1 and grade 6. EduSports trainers worked closely with the school teachers to develop lesson plans for the quick learning of various physics and mathematical concepts amongst children. The EduSports team introduced various outdoor activities such as shuttle runs and football passing that integrated sports into academic learnings. According to the school authorities, the program was a highly effective one and have requested the EduSports team to continue with similar sessions for other subjects as well.

“The concept of integrated learning is very important to our school as it focuses on the connections that children make amongst themselves. This connection allows them to engage with relevant and meaningful activities. Children love sports and if difficult academic concepts are combined with sports or play then the children will have fun learning it. I would like to congratulate the EduSports trainers who, along with our teachers, did an incredible job of building the lesson plans that unified academics and sports. This activity not only made the process of learning an enjoyable experience for the children but also helped them understand various academic concepts within no time.”

– Thilaga Athavan, Principal, SMBM, National Public School

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