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Sports for 360-degree

EduSports’ structured sports curriculum plays a key role in the physical, social and behavioral development of over 300 children of a government school.


The CSR arm of a multinational conglomerate wanted to introduce the concept of sports and physical education in its sponsored government school in Bangalore. In addition to improving the physical fitness of the children, the aim of introducing a sports-centric program was twofold:
(i) To increase the class attendance, and
(ii) To enhance the social-emotional skills.


EduSports partnered with ‘United Way’, a nonprofit organization, to implement the EduSports’ structured sports curriculum amongst 376 children from grades 1st-7th.

Observation 1:
Positive impact of sports intervention on the class attendance

A uniform increase in the attendance was observed after the implementation the structured sports curriculum.

Observation 2:
Behavioral impact of the sports program

EduSports conducted a survey among the school teachers to collect feedback on the behavioral changes observed in children. The survey revealed that there was significant improvement in three aspects.

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