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At Sportz Village, we are a young team with love for everything sports and play. Our goal is to create a better world where everyone has access to play in the capacity they want. And we believe that if we create an exceptional culture, with an exceptional purpose, we can meet our goals. If you truly feel you are fit to join the purpose, you definitely are.
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Current Openings

Vocational Trainers for Physical Education and Sports – EduSports

Wanted immediate Vocational Trainers at various Government schools in MP Trade Physical Education & Sports.

Minimum Qualification: B.PE/B.P.Ed/ M.P.Ed/D.P.Ed with Minimum work experience of one year. Effective communication skills (oral and written), Basic computing skills, Technical Competencies.

Recruitment for Hockey Project in Odisha

Sportz Village group (SV EduSports Pvt. Ltd.) has been selected as service provider for Manpower & Coaching service for Hockey Project in Odisha

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Why Work at Sportz Village?

Our employees share their perspective on what
makes Sportz Village a great place to work.

It’s been over 2 years at Sportz Village Xp and I’ve always found it easy to fit in. I have a list of people that I reach out too for any advice or mentoring but anyone & everyone is approachable at any time including the Directors & Founders and the best part is it's still the same even while we are working from Home. I have ways that work for me and the freedom & space to work in that way allows me to maximize my efficiencies and become great at my roles, it has been an invaluable experience. And I’m only halfway through!

Stephen Shaikh
Sr. Manager Operation & Client Servicing

I am Ajit Gopalakrishnan from the SportzVillage Academies team, I have been working in the organisation since its inception and it has been one hell of ride. Being a sportsman myself, I was fortunate enough to work for the best sports organisation in our country. I am really lucky to work with some amazing colleagues who have been rock solid in the highs and lows in our journey so far. I think it’s only because of the entire team of coaches, managers and senior Management that i have been able to give my best regardless of the situations we have been put into. The best part of working for SportzVillage is that everyone is passionate in whatever they do and are aligned to the larger goals of the organisation.

Ajit Gopalakrishnan
Regional Director

Arpit Mishra is a highly industrious Training and Operations Manager with more than 7 years of experience at SportzVillage Academies. I am so grateful and obliged to be handling a couple of premier verticals such as Kites Vocational Training and Operations of the Sportz Village Academies across Pan India. I always strive to achieve the organization's goal, keeping in mind the individual goals and aspirations. Working at Sportz Village has been an exhilarating experience. It has helped me gain an insight into the myriad perspectives of people coming from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. It is indeed a Great Place to Work as colleagues, management and the board members have been really supportive and helpful at all times. Sportz Village has provided me a productive platform that has helped me accentuate my latent potential which helps in performing to the best of my abilities. Work at Sportz Village is all about boisterous experiences and surely helps one to reach the horizon!

Arpit Mishra
Head of KITES

I have been working in SportzVillage Academies for last 5 years, and really, it’s amazing journey. I am loving to work with company. After joining this organization I got the opportunity to work with great coaches like Apurva Desai, Dinesh Nanavati, Dinesh Jaimon and Sushil Javale. It shows that Company has Strong Training Faculty and there is lot to learn. Even the company has many Partner Academies all over India, like Just Cricket Academy, Bangalore, Abhimanyu Cricket Academy, Dehradun etc. Except this I have experienced strong support from my management in the bad patch like my injuries. Even in the Covid 19 Situation, SportzVillage Academies has provided a wonderful support to every employee.

Amit Kadam
Sports Coach

Sportz Village is a fantastic place to work where the opportunity is endless. A company that adds significant value to each employee and it helps each individual reach her/ his highest potential. Equal importance is given to people at all levels. We are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and bring them to fruition both within our individual departments and to the company as a whole. I have been given an opportunity to work in various verticals that have helped me discover my skills and gain ample experience in the industry. I am glad to be a part of Sportz Village

Chandra Prakash Joshi
Cluster Head