Born to Play. Play to Build.

World’s largest youth sports organization on a mission to get 100 million kids to play

The vast reach, emotional connection and foundation of positive values make sport one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Sport is a powerful tool that breaks down all the barriers and helps one truly unleash his/her potential, both physically and mentally. At Sportz Village, we believe in making sports an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle right from early years, thus building a healthier, happier and fitter generation. To achieve the same, we design-develop-execute physical education and training programs, grassroot sports programs, brand-led sports programs for consumer engagement and CSR through our vast network of schools, colleges, academies, brands, federations and corporates.

India’s No. 1 Sports Education Organization

The organization believes in making sports an integral part of the education of a child and is working towards developing a healthier and fitter generation by using a Structured Sports and Physical Education (P.E) curriculum. The curriculum has been developed based on NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education, USA) standards.


Best-in-class Multi-sports Training Network

Delivering grassroot sports development programmes to initiate interest in sports, nurture and promote talent with focused sports properties.


India’s No. 1 Experiential Sports Marketing Agency for Brands

Empowering leading local and global brands to achieve their consumer engagement goals through highly engaging, targeted, and scalable sports programs.


Pioneer of ‘Sport for Change’ Program

Transforming lives of children from marginalized communities through scientifically researched and well-integrated physical education programs in schools.


Exclusive Online Sports and Physical Education Program for Kids

Ensuring that kid gets to play, have fun and lay a foundation towards their sports journey with personalized learning led by domain experts


Legacy in Numbers




million kids


Schools and Colleges





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Limca Book of Records for
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Media Excellence 2016 for
BBC Football Connect

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