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Sportz Village App

Sportz Village App :

The Sportz Village app (Formerly known as EduSports app) has been created with the intent to encourage parents to get involved in their child’s sports activities at a deeper level. The app is also a platform for children to improve their general knowledge through sports and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sportz Village AppThrough the Sportz Village app parents can:
  • Sportz Village AppGet to know what their child has learned in Sportz Village classes.
  • Sportz Village App View skill and fitness reports with detailed information.
  • Sportz Village AppGet to know about events and other competitions conducted by Sportz Village.
  • Sportz Village AppEnhance their child's general knowledge with daily SLAM messages.
  • Sportz Village AppGet health tips from nutrition and sports blogs.
  • Sportz Village AppHelp their children improve in sports with the help of training videos.

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Active Club, an initiative of Sportz Village Schools (Formerly knowns as EduSports), is conceptualized with the vision of creating a healthier and fitter community by organizing adventure tours and sports activities like camping, hiking, running, and family sports fests. Active Club believes in ensuring that every generation is a part of this movement - from young children to senior citizens.

I. Active Club: Camping Active Club Camping is a fun-filled adventure camp for students between the ages of 9 years to 17 years. By participating in the camps children can attain life skills and enhance their interpersonal skills through team-building activities.

II. Active Club: Running The activity offers an opportunity for parents to come along with their children and participate as a family. In addition, the activity also provides an informal environment for the school and parents to engage and understand each other better.

III. Active Club: Trekking Guided trekking tours with different levels of difficulty based on the age category are provided.

IV. Active Club: Retreat Active Club Retreat is specifically designed for senior citizens who are looking for a hassle-free way to experience adventure, explore newer locations and revisit their inner child.


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